Saturday, 27 June 2015

Work in progress

Still work in progress for the moment.  Work on the GNW stuff got side tracked by some Seleucid stuff I decided to finish off before probably selling a whole batch of ancients stuff.  Then I finished off the little dice-frame markers. 

Here's the Russian cavalry horses based with sand on the bases before I undercoat. At the front are the assembled markers to take 7mm and 10mm dice.  

The Russian cavalry horses now undercoated and wash painted with every combination of brown I could lay my hands on.  Not too bad, though the chestnuts are a bit bright and I might tone them down with a second wash of a darker brown.  

And some of the side track project, finishing off these Seleucid / successor figures that have been lying around, undercoated, for ages.  

A nice little shot of the Seleucids alongside the finished markers.  They look quite good.  

(As a side note, I used some of the markers in a game of ADG last week, but actually got to use very few markers, because my units lost heavily and fled the table. Ho-hum, isn't it always the case that your most recently painted or best painted units will do worst in their first time out on the table - including dice-frame markers!)  

The finished Russian cavalry horses. I gave these a coat of satin varnish to try to get the slight sheen of horses coats. Not too bad, though it may not appear on my clumsy photo.

The finished Russian cavalry for the horses. Hopefully, I'll get everything put together and the bases finished this weekend.

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  1. Great work Tom! Good to see someone is getting some painting done; haven't touched a brush in the last eight weeks.

    Cheers, Ross