Saturday, 27 June 2015

thursday nights at the club

I've been lazy in the past few, but here's what I did at the club. 

Dystopian wars, 2 a side, 750 points each on a 4 x 4 foot table.  Prussians and FSA Americans took on Antarctica and Britons.  The only terrain was an island in the middle.  Great fun and much mayhem.  A combination of FSA rockets and torpedoes from tiny fliers helped me win against the British. It was a hard fight though, specially when I came up against the British dreadnought that seemed to have more guns than crew.  
The Prussians and Antarctica bash on the other side was fairly evenly matched for the game and both sides suffered losses before the Prussian had a couple of good turns.  

I can't remember if there was another game in early June.  But on the 11th we started the first of the Waterloo anniversary games.  We played Commands and Colors Napoleonic and the Ligny scenario from the Prussians box.  
A great game against an old and valued opponent.  I had the Prussians and was able to do a bit of damage to the attacking French. It was looking like a Prussian victory for a while, but then he sent in the Guard against Ligny and my defence crumbled.  It a couple of turns I lost units and Ligny and that was enough to tip the game for a French victory.  

On the 18th we again played CnC Napoleonics, but this time it had to be the Waterloo scenario. Two of us were allies taking on 2 French players.  On an adjacent table, 2 chaps played the Plancenoit scenario from the Prussians box.  
This time the French won on both tables.  We caused a good few French casualties on the Allied right, but were forced to give up Hougoumont. On the far side, the French took Papelotte and the combination of locations and allied casualties gave them the game.  
And to cap it all, on the Plancenoit table, the French won again.  I wasn't able to watch much of the game but by the usual laughter, slagging comments and great humour, I knew it had been a good game.  

Then last Thusday was ADG.  The same 6 players who had played on the 18th played 3 games of ADG.  We'd planned the previous week that four of us would chose the Classical period and 2 dark ages / feudal. My Seleucids took on Macedonians, while on the other table, Indians took on more Seleucids.  The Seleucids were defeated on both tables.  In my case, mainly because his right flank companions and light cavalry easily overwhelmed my galatians and light horse.  I might have restored things in the centre where it was my pikes and elephants against pikes, but I ran out of time before my army morale crumbled.  
On the other table, 6mm Normans took on Anglo-Saxons (all painted by me - see earlier posts, but based by their owner). Another good game with victory to the Normans.   

Next week it's Wings of Glory. 

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