Monday, 18 May 2015

work in progress

I'm still working on the GNW stuff but no more finished yet. Maybe I'm trying to do too many units at once. But here's a couple of work in progress pictures. 

The 4 Swedish units.  They just need a 'top 'n' tail', muskets and pikes, shoes and tricornes plus anything I've missed.  

Then 5 Russian cavalry units. There's a sixth unit off to the left of the picture but I'm still undecided whether to do a red or white uniform.  They're in much the same state as the Swedes and just need that 'top 'n' tail' to round them off.  But I've still to do the horses for this lot.

And part of the reason for taking longer with the GNW stuff is I found these Essex Seleucid / Successors in a box and decided to paint them up before probably selling them.    

Lastly, I went to another grand show at Carronade in Falkirk. Met good friends and saw a good range of traders and saw some nice display and participation games.  The only figures I bought were some more Blue Moon Marlburian figures which I'll paint up as Danes.  Other purchases were bases, paints and books.  

And on the topic of Danes - one chap mentioned the new Danish tele series called 1864 and later gave me the book. It is another one of those episodes from history about which I was vaguely aware but knew very little.  The first episode was last weekend but I've yet to see it though I have started reading the book.    


  1. lovely work in progress post....

  2. I watched episode 1 yesterday and it was an excellent view.