Monday, 11 March 2013

Another Arab army

Another 15mm army on the way to be sold. I have several Arab armies from the Conquest to the Mamelukes and I'm planning on thinning them down to just the Umayyad / Abbasid era which I'll keep as opposition for my Thematic and Nikephorian Byzantines. 
The Seljuk Turks went to a nice home overseas.

This is the Arab Conquest army with lots of added Berber troops. The army is built around a core of 4 infantry units each based around a colour.  These are warband / offensive spear types, depending on the rules, - essentially well motivated and aggressive. Each unit is a mix of Essex, Minifigs and Irregular Miniatures.  

Then the supporting troops. A lot of these are filler for the flanks, intended to delay or occupy the enemy long enough for the hard core spears to do the real job.   

The Berbers. A mix of medium / auxilia types and close order spears.   

And the skirmishers - lots of them.    

And an old Irregular Miniatures elephant model which I had to buy. The elephant is not a part of the army but it looked so good I wanted to paint it. I also liked the Irregular Miniatures chaps with spear and javelins. I think I read somewhere they were intended to represent anti-elephant troops.  

The general and escort and chaps on camels.   

More chaps on camels.  

Light horse skirmishers. 

Arab horde - tribal militia types.  

And the general again. Irregular Miniatures again.

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