Sunday, 10 March 2013

a little progress

Sometimes the rest of life stops the painting for a while. But I did manage to finish some Russians for Napoleon at War. Then it took another 3 months to get around to taking photos. Not too much just now, but I hope to eventually complete a full division with cavalry support. I'm basing the 'army' on the 4th Division in 1812-1814.
First the Musketeers.  Infantry basing is 6 stands plus usually 2 stands of skirmishers. The Russian Line musketeer units have only one skirmisher because of less emphasis on skirmishing (French and Brits have 2 stands).        

Then the jaeger.  Same basing of 6 stands but with 2 stands of skirmishers.     

The two jaeger units in line.      

And with added support from the musketeers. This should look better when I eventually get another 3 battalions of musketeers done.     

Then you need to add the Russian God of War.  

And a view from the French side of the field.

The battle line spread out. The 3 skirmishers away at the back are awaiting their fully painted battalions to take their place.  

A jaeger unit without skirmishers.  

The musketeers in line and column without their skirmish screen .   

More to come eventually, though not sure when. Three battalions of musketeers, two regiments of cuirassiers, cossacks and generals are waiting. And that's just half the division.  

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  1. Napoleonics coming along very nicely there Tom...