Monday, 14 May 2012

New project - well, almost.

One of the guys at the club gave me some Napoleonic figures to paint. Figures from the Man at War range for the Napoleon at War rules done by the chaps in Spain. The figures are big 18mm and probably should be called 20mm.  

For a while I've wanted to try a variation of the black undercoat and layered colours type of thing, so this provides the chance. But I still can't bring myself to use black, so I'm using an old undercoat variant of white undercoat followed by a thin wash of umber and black.    

Here's a picture of what they look like at the start, just after I'd given the base white undercoat the wash. I hope to post the progess of these figures as I stumble through a different painting technique.  

French foot artiller battery. 4 gun stands and 1 limber stand.  
And a bit closer on the limber. The artillery pack comes with an additional gun for the limber - just for the look of the thing.   

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  1. Hi Tom,

    The layering method of painting will work on any colour of undercoat. The base colour picked can lighten the overall colour of the finished figure. With 20mm I still tend to use black, but use the mid tone as the shade and work up from there.

    What you have done here will work out well I'm sure.