Wednesday, 30 May 2012

just for a larf - comparing French Napoleonic artillery figs

Just before I pass the 18mm figures on to their owner, I thought it would be a laugh to set them up beside some of my older figures.  (apologies if the picture isn't too great - that's me rather than the figures.)  And so, here we go ... 

On the left are my second generation minifigs from over 30 years ago. Lovely little figures, and still marching over tabletops. In the middle are Essex, which I though for a while were 'big' 15mm. And on the right are the new Napoleon at War 18mm figures. Just shows part of the changing face of 15mm and now 18mm Napoleonics.

Part of me wonders what rules the little guys will marching under in the future. For example, over the last 30 years and more, my Minifigs have marched to; Bruce Quarrie's rules, Newbury, WRG 1685-1845, To the Sound of the Guns, In the Grand Manner, Empire 3, Empire, Napoleon's Battles, Shako, Principles of War, General de Brigade, Age of Eagles, DBN and some other DBA variants, Napoleonic at War, and have been used as counter substitutes in the boardgames Napoleon's Last Battles and Napoleonic Command and Colors. (and there's probably some others I've forgotten). 
But, at the end of the day, I just hope they keep on marching for a long time to come. 

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