Monday, 14 May 2012

Club night - missing posts

Missed a few posts, so quick summary of the last few weeks.

Great Northern War in 28mm using Impetus Baroque. Russia and Swedes with 3 Russian commands vs 4 Swedish. Good fun as always. Swedish victory by the end. 

A boardgame on Rome and it's expansion and empire. Can't remember what it was called, but very similar to History of the World. The game actually needed a bit more development as the main 4 Roman players each had one colour for their counters, but all the minor nations and barbarians controlled by the players were different colours. After a few turns it was very confusing knowing who controlled which nations. I grabbed our club dice box and we marked all our nations with a die colour similar to our main faction colour. It was interesting game though, as each player controlled one Roman faction throughout the game and one barbarian or minor nation each turn. But it won't replace History of the World as a club favourite. 

Napoleon's Battles. Played the introductory scenario that came with the original Avalon Hill version of the game. Good fun again, and I managed to successfully throw away the French army against stout Austrians. I really have to get a card or post-it to put on the table that says - "artillery bombardment, bombardment and bombardment again, before sending in the infantry". 

Boardgames again. A game called 7 Wonders. It may currently score highly on Board Game Geek, but for me, it's an almighty yawn. Gawd, it was dull - another game trading stone and timber and cloth for other stuff to eventually build something. Just like the last euro-game which involved trading stone and timber and cloth for other stuff to eventually build something, and the euro-game before that which involved trading stone and timber and cloth for other stuff to eventually build something.  

Command and Colors Napoleonics. Big 4" hexes and 15mm figures instead of wooden blocks. Played the Rolica scenario. Three of us playing, with two games in the one night. We just reset the scenario after the first game and swopped sides and players. Both excellent games, though the British lost both games.

Next time, Flames of War. Late War 1750 points.

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