Thursday, 23 June 2011

old, new, borrowed and blue

This is my most recent purchase.  It's the new version of La Bataille de la Moskowa.  The 1812 battle of Borodino at the level of infantry battalions, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries and 100 yard hexes.  There are a lot of counters (1000 plus) but they are madly beautiful.  The four map sections create a battlefield some 44 x 68 inches.   
Some 30 plus years ago, I bought the GDW version of this game.  And what a difference the years make.  Here is a bit of the new map.
And here's how it looked all those years ago. 
And the new map Fleches.  
And the old.
And now some new counters, as yet uncut from the sheet - the 'terrible' 57th in the middle. 
And how they looked many years ago (The counter for General Compans is my homemade addition). 


  1. High presentation values indeed- excellent looking map...
    Brings back memories of setting up Avalon Hill's 1914 with my father on boxing day many,many,many years ago!

  2. Wow, memory lane! I used to play this and I "think" at the time it was one of the first boardgames that felt like miniature rules. Nice! And what an upgrade!