Thursday, 23 June 2011

here we go

Well - let's see how this works.  I have been wargaming with figures and boardgames for many (many) years and this will be a little corner to share some activities. 

I live in Scotland and belong to the the Legion wargame club in Dunfermline and to Perth wargame club.

My main interests are Napoleonics and what's generally been called the horse and musket era, though I also have a lot of ancients, renaissance and ww2 figures. I also do a lot of boardgames, mainly ww2 though Napoleonics and ACW also feature.    

My figure collection is mainly 15mm and the last time I counted, there were over 15,000 figures (I really should have a clear-out).  And I know there are quite a few boardgames on my shelves.   

Now, let's see if I can post a photo or two ...


  1. Tom
    If you get half as much fun as I have out of blogging...
    Anyway great to have your presence in cyberspace!
    best wishes

  2. Great to see you here (and I should add, 'at last!). Aye to what Tradman says above, in my rather scattered gaming existence, blogging has only added to the experience over time. Best wishes indeed.