Thursday, 23 June 2011

newest figure painting - the great northern war

Two of the guys in the Perth club have been doing the Great Northern War in 28mm figures with Swedes and Russians.  Prompted to join in I decided to get some Danes.  Here are the first chappies as work in progress.  These are based for Basic Impetus Baroque.  Infantry and cavalry are on 120mm frontage, artillery on 60mm.  

Some friends use sand on the bases and I decided to give it a try.  Not sure about it though, so I might change it back to my normal mix of filler and small stones before I add the flock grass to finish.


  1. Tom
    Excellent Danes ( well painted and great figures too) ready for an interesting game ahead I feel. Basing is such a personal thing with myriad approaches that it is well worth experimenting to see what works for you. If the new dosen't you can always go back to the old!

    What size of force do you wish to work towards?

    I'd better get my skates on regarding Holstien - Gottrop ...

  2. Good looking figures there Tom. Regards the basing, trying mixing some clean grit in with the sand to give a more uneven finish. If your not happy with it though, your own method of basing always looks good.



  3. Your figures look very good, sir. The Danes are probably my favorite force in the GNW . . . I like the simplicity of their uniforms and flags . . . both have enough variation to look great.

    Have fun!

    -- Jeff

  4. Welcome to the Fraternity - what scale/make are those figures?

  5. Thanks for the comments, gentlemen.

    On the basing, I should have included some rough grit as you said, Ross. I should have spent more time searching for suitable material rather than trying to get the bases finished.

  6. And thanks, Jeff.
    I'm doing my Danes by facing colours rather than specific campaign. I'm hoping it will look good on the table.
    So first up were the Queens Regiment in the photo and Sjaellanske with the blue facings. Next will be Fynske (green facings), then Jyske (red) and a regiment with yellow facings. The cavalry will be much the same. I've done the first, second and third Sjaellandske.

    More photos to come.

  7. Hi Conrad,
    the figures are Reiver Miniatures sold by Under the Bed in the north of England. See here,

    They do quite a lot of figures from the era.

    However, I will say that the figures are cast in a very hard alloy. Damned hard, and I found it difficult to cut the flash. There's no flexibility so I couldn't vary arm positions etc. Worst metal I've ever worked with. Almost seemed like some cheap scrap.


  8. Hi Tom

    Great Danes! I have Reiver GNW horse and Musketeer Miniatures foot for my GNW Russkies.

    Good choice of rules too (as amended by my old mate Des). We also use these for 9YW and ECW and have great fun too. Or at least my opponents have great fun at my expense.

    Looking forward to more

  9. Tom,

    I have just had a thought, rare I know but worthy all the same. The process I use for basing is as follows.
    1. Cover base with PVA
    2. Cover base with sand/grit mix
    3. Ink wash base with suitable base colour and water
    4. Dry brush base up to an almost white/pale cream
    5. Add static grass etc

    Is this what you are planning? As the sand alway looks flat until washed/dry brushed with my bases as well. Its time consuming but worthwhile in the long run.



  10. Thanks for the stuff on the basing, Ross. I think it was more the overall texture of the sand I was less than happy with, even without any paint or dry brushing. I've gone back to filler and stones this weekend and they're all nearly done.
    I reckon I'm still stumbling a bit, adjusting techniques and going back to 25/28mm after 20 years of painting 15mm and below.

  11. Hi Lupus,

    Your comment about ameding the Baroque rules intrigued me. What did you guy do?

    How did you rate the Danes? I took info from the Marlborough and 30 years war lists and it was good enough for a game.

    One of the reasons we went to Baroque was that the Swedes in the Under Lily Banners rules were too much super troops and they just rolled over the Russians. We reckoned that under Baroque the move and fire without penalty was a good enough bonus for the Swedes.