Sunday, 6 May 2018

More Raging Heroes resin

After I had done the initial painting on my previous Raging Heroes resin, I took the opportunity to get some more.  I did wonder if I really wanted to mess with resin and mould release agent again, but decided to go ahead. Thankfully, the new batch came with a guide on how to clear and prepare them, so I'm hoping things will be easier this time around.  

Packs of horses and riders and 10 foot, plus a couple of bonus figures.  

And spread out before lying for a while and then heading for a soapy bath (per the instructions).   

Another batch of figures I picked up had been assembled and undercoated.  However, I think on a couple of models the previous owner may have had the same issues with the mould release agent as I had, as the paint is peeling in a couple of places. It's not much and will be easy to fix. 

I'll see how I get on assembling and starting painting these. The assembling stage may be a bit of a chore as some of the bits seem fragile, but I'm looking forward to painting them. More later ... 

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