Sunday, 13 May 2018

ACW wargame tokens - part 2

I was at the annual pilgrimage to the Carronade games show in Falkirk yesterday. A grand day out. Good conversations with lots of friends and more purchases than I intended, though no photos of tables. I'm sure other bloggers will have stuff out there.

Here's the follow up with the 'finished'  ACW figures. Apologies for the rough and ready photos. 

At this stage it's been blue and greys wash, flesh faces and hands, rifles brown and barrels metal, a couple of more substantial beards brown wash, and a black wash on some hats and cap peaks. I also painted the officers' sashes and trim on the drums and added flags and loose flock. Not painted were straps, belts, packs, boots or the metal bands on the muskets. 

Here are two shots with figures just over 2 foot from the edge of the table. The camera is at my normal eye level when sitting, so these are roughly the 3 foot test. 

For the second shot I dropped down a bit, as we sometimes do, but still about 2 to 3 foot away. 

Now I've come to about 1 foot or 12 inches away.  

And lastly, about 6 inches away. 

Now it's not the best photography, but in all these shots, I don't really miss the straps and belts n stuff. Or at least, I can't see them. However, I 'know' they're not there and that might niggle at the back of a pedantic brain. 

Certainly good enough for the games table. And a good test of what's actually needed to get something on the table. 

Will I continue to paint more ACW this way or sell up? Therein lies the question. I've not decided as so may other  projects are bubbling under.  

More later. 

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  1. They look just fine to me.
    When judging the figures it always comes back to me, if viewing a real person at this distance in scale, you would not even notice belts etc.

    Also, if you keep going and finish all of them, that’s gonna be a hell of a good game with all those miniatures on the table.