Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Quick splash of paint on the WoR figures

I managed to make a bit of a start on the plastic Wars of Roses figures for Lion Rampant. This is not a colour basecoat or the finished article; just me splashing on some paint to get idea the colour combinations I want to use, particularly with the livery. My focus is Yorkist units, my usual with my WoR armies.   

I reckon I will do 2 slightly different liveries of 6 figures in each 12 figure archer unit. This group will likely be blue / yellow and white / blue (the first colour is on the right side). I want to use a combination of reds on the other 12 archers, but I've not yet decided the livery. I don't think I want to use the blue / maury combination of Edward IV and co.  

I still have a couple of little books of WoR liveries and flags that I got many years ago - I think from the Lance and Longbow society. They are good to look through, but so many nice combinations make deciding on liveries for 6 or 12 figures a bit tricky.   

I gave the men-at-arms a thin black wash to highlight the detail on the armour. Trendy 'tinternet paint-heads probably call this pre-shading or something similar.

At first I thought the bills would be in the livery of Warwick, but there's not a lot of surface to do the ragged staff. Then I decided to paint the sleeves red but painted the jacks brown - it wasn't looking that good side by side, so the sleeves got a coat of white. I'll think again about colours for the bills.

More later.

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  1. Persuading 😁 not sure if it ever had a name until the internet. Always found it harder to achieve good results on a black undercoat 😉. Figures looking good; I have sorted a Christian Spanish force for Lion Rampant, just need a miracle to find the time to paint them.

    Cheers, Ross