Wednesday, 14 September 2016

And just when I thought it was safe ...

So I wasn't really planning on any fresh projects as I've been having a clear-out. But then I played Lion Rampant at the club in the week before Claymore. It's a great game, and so I bought some Perry plastics at the show and set about preparing them.

Here's the story so far. First the bare plastic figures on circular 25mm mdf bases with sand glued down for texture.

Then given a good undercoat of white. Everything here is enough for my late English / WoR force - 1 men at arms unit, 1 unit of bills and 2 units of expert archers. 

And then just in case I want some variation, some mounted men at arms and serjeants, crossbows and bidower skirmishers.  All this lot should give me plenty options and let me field a Free Company or Burgundians, Germans or Italians of the era. 


  1. Very nice, look forward to seeing how these come on.

  2. Likewise here, looking forward to seeing their painted progress. Also will be good to see them as a human warband in Dragon Rampant 😈

    Cheers, Ross