Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Great Northern War on the workbench again

After sorting through various boxes for more stuff to clear out, I decided to have a break from the organising and get back to painting for the fun and delight of it all.  

I wanted to push ahead with the GNW Russian stuff, to get enough painted stuff of both sides to do a game of Maurice, so here's what the paint tray looks like at the moment. Lots of chaps in tricorne hats. First, the group shot.

Then some closer views.  These are some 'standard' infantry in the green with red facings. At this point I've only painted the waistcoat, breeches and a bit of stockings red, just to get a decent line around the coat. I'll slap on more red later to finish off the stockings.  

Now some of the more colourful units. Closest are the Rostov regiment; green coats with yellow facings and red breeches. There's a bit of uncertainty about the colour of the stockings, but I think I'll stay with red, so it should be a wonderfully mad combination of colour. Apparently they carried a blue standard.  

The red chaps will be the Moscow regiment; red 'everything' with green facings.  There's another regiment, I think the Buturski (sp?), that was red-coated with white facings, so would look a bit like these chaps in the picture, but I'll leave them for another day.  

I've not yet decided about the regiment of the chaps in blue with red facings, except that they won't be the Semonovska guard.  And at the back are the 'red' dragoons. Months ago, I did their horses but didn't start the chaps till now. 

And another view of the standard green and red chaps with the dragoons at the back.  

Once I done these chaps, I'll have to decide what's next for the GNW. Waiting in the wings are generals, more Russian infantry, Swedish cavalry and some other stuff.  I may do a couple more Russian infantry if I feel I'm on a roll when this lot is nearly finished, otherwise I think I'll do the Swedish cavalry. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Alan. I'm hoping they'll look good as a finished army and give a good massed effect.

  2. Looking good Tom. I managed to under coat a few figures the other night. A small step towards getting some painting done in the near future -hopefully!

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Thanks, Ross. It's good to know you got some painting done yourself, even if it was only undercoat. I saw you'd signed-up for that painting challenge again, so hopefully you'll get the time to get some more done.

  3. If I do get the time needed to paint it will be for a BI Macedonian army - details to follow on the blog

    Cheers, Ross