Tuesday, 15 December 2015

GNW - keeping on keeping on

Just a couple of pics to show the GNW Russians are moving on.  Though there must be something in the seasonal air, as I now think the chaps of the red Moscow regiment are starting to look like Santa's little helpers.  

Hopefully more by the weekend. 


  1. They do look a little Christmas themed, 'snow' basing material? Or will that be too much.

  2. Keep the winter basing, get some winter trees and a white cloth and there you have it! GNW in winter what could be more atmospheric...

  3. Thanks for the comments, gents. It's tempting to do winter themed basing and I may keep the light coloured bases for a photo or two, but I'll eventually do them like my other bases.

    The basing in the photos is actually just sand scattered over pva glue then given a top coat of whatever surplus paint is to hand to seal the sand. In this case it was a BnQ tester pot of a cream colour.