Tuesday, 16 September 2014

more mid-war german stuff

It's a bit like buses - no posts for ages, then 2 show up at once. 

These are pictures of another batch of mid-war germans I painted for a friend at the club.  The infantry came about by reducing his panzergrenadier platoon to 4 figures to the base instead of 5, with myself and others then contributing surplus figures. The result was an additional 6 stand panzergrenadier platoon plus command.  

The first picture is just before some final finishing work and the basing.  

Then a few pictures of the finished articles.  

For the AA vehicles, there was the option to mount the spotter and loader beside the gunner, but my friend chose to have them mounted separately on small bases.    

And some more shots of the objectives, because I think they turned out OK.     

The platoon put together from surplus figures.      

And some better pictures of the Marders and Recce.    

All in all, not too bad.

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  1. They look superb, it's got me tempted to paint up some mid war stuff.