Tuesday, 16 September 2014

28mm Polybian Romans finished - 1

Finally got the 28mm Polybian Romans finished.  Took a bit longer than anticipated, but now I'll see if I can sell them on t'bay and re-invest the proceeds. 

Start with the generals. These are the Gripping Beast Scipio set mounted on Essex horses with an Essex general in the background.  I couldn't decide what to put on the standard because I wasn't sure if SPQR was applicable to this period, so I left it blank.    

Gripping Beast foot command with another Essex general in the background.

And the legions - all wonderfully colour co-ordinated.  Gripping Beast legion with Essex velites.   

A closer picture of the officer.  I've always though this a really nice figure.  

And the white legion. As before, Gripping Beast legion with Essex velites.      

And the green legion. Same as above - Gripping Beast legion and Essex velites.  

There is a theme here.  It's something I've done with a few of my ancient armies. No prizes for spotting it, but very well done if you do.  

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