Sunday, 15 June 2014

Poly Romans - week 2

The painting continues.  Maybe not at lightning speed, but progress.  Added an undercoat wash of grey to the chainmail and then a wash of steel.  Perhaps not as dark a steel as I'd wanted at first but I'll wait till I do more on the figures before I decide if I want to darken it.    

At the back is the blue legion.  I wanted to do something like this, but debated whether blue was really appropriate.  I stay with it for the triarii but I may make the hastati and principes of this legion different colours (they are the chaps at the back still in white).     

The Italian or Latin allies and the foot general.  I made one unit of Italians a mix of deep reds and the second a mix of cream and pale yellow.  The general and standard bearer have scarlet tunics as I'm trying to represent better quality cloth for the top-brass (a la British generals).  All the tunics done so far are just the one wash of colour over white.  Any highlights and shading are just the way the wash falls over ridges and into folds in the tunics.  

A rear view of the allies.  I'm still debating having the armour straps lots of different colours. 

And that's it for week 2.  I can't remember how long I was able to spend on them, perhaps only 3 - 4 hours.  There's a total of 124 figures to get done, incling the mounted CiC and 4 cavalry figures.  Roll on week 3.  

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