Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last of the Saxons

The last of the 6mm Saxons are done.  Could even say, the last stand of the Saxons or something similar.  No too bad overall and I'll pass them on to their owner later for basing and finishing.  Though, looking at it now, I kinda wish I'd put crosses on a few shields. 

The right flank.

The left flank.

A view from the rear.

And the lot viewed from the front.   
And this almost led to another fad.  While I was doing these I've been watching the tele series Vikings (watch an episode then go off and do some painting and repeat for several nights).  Then I looked at the Armati army lists, the DBA army lists, the 15mm Essex catalogue, the 25mm catalogue and then on t'internet at some of the plastic 28mm Saxons.  But the moment has passed, I didn't part with any cash and there are no wargame shows coming up soon.  So I'm safe, for now.       


  1. Dangerous things these TV programmes. Saxons, you know it makes sense as there are Vikings waiting for them in the area :)

  2. Great looking figures by the way!
    Cheers, Ross