Sunday, 15 December 2013

Napoleonic Russians finished

No posts for ages, then 3 show up at once.   

Got the Russians finished for Napoleon at War.  Finished off the line infantry, the cuirassiers, the generals and the cossacks.  Not bad as a finished result, but it's left me wanting to avoid painting green uniforms for a bit. Here's the whole lot set out.  

Left to right, it's the jaeger with cossacks behind.

Guns in the centre.   

And jaegers on the other flank.  

The grenadiers, which in games just doubles as line infantry on the night. 

The other grenadier unit.

The line infantry.   

The generals.

The curassiers, where I managed to place one stand of red facing colours beside the blue unit and vice-versa. Doh!   

And finally, the cossacks. Bit more regular unifomed chaps than the usual scruffies one sees.

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  1. Very nice Tom, looking real good, be good to see them on the table sometime.

    On another note i was looking at yer blog on white undercoat and wondered if u could do a blog on yer basing technique, because as u are aware I'm needing to rebase some froggies - cheers matey :)

    oops just noticed I'm posting as my wife hehe