Sunday, 15 December 2013

Afrika Korps finished for Flames of War

Finally finished off the Afrika Korps boxed set for Flames of War.  Probably only took a couple of years or so to finish - in between all the other game projects I had going.  I've not added the transfers / decals to them because I can't make up my mind which division I want to portray.      

The force is based around 2 panzer grenadier platoons with sundry armoured, a/t, 88mm gun and other support.   

I found I had extra 88mm guns in the box so I was able to put 2 guns on those wheeled transport / support things, as well as having 2 guns emplaced.  I like the look on the guns on the wheels.   

Of course, with the Afrika Korps, the colour scheme is pretty much sand, sand and more sand, with a bit of lighter or darker sand as variation.  I added a few stones to some stands to give some variation.    

1 comment:

  1. Looks great. Its pictures like this that make me think that FoW is good and that I'd love to paint a company or so. Then I remember that they are 15mm and I hate painting 15mm. Still, they do look great when finished.

    Cheers, Ross