Saturday, 19 November 2011

changes to the GNW stuff

I was doing some GNW stuff, then got fed up with the 120mm wide basing I was using for Impetus Baroque and the finish on the bases. So I decided to change the bases and use some gravel that a friend had given me. So now the infantry are on 3 bases and the cavalry on 2. It took a bit of time but I find the units physically easier to handle. 

Also did a bit of culture shock for me here on the bases. I used a dark-ish brown base coat and dry brushing sand and finally cream for highlights. Then I added the flock grass. I might still add a bit more longer flock grass in places. Overall, I'm quite happy the way they've turned out.

Now I just to finish off the rest. Grenadiers in red coats and dragoons in yellow coats are started, along with a couple of infantry units.

Of course, one of the sad things at the moment is that I'm kinda going off the big figures. So I may well sell the GNW Danes next year. Maybe a game with them might change my mind.