Saturday, 19 November 2011

An appeal for a boardgame

Most of the past two months have been spent dragging old boardgames from the shelves and playing some of them. Lots of Napoleonic games and some WW2.  

One game I don't have but which I'd like to get is GMT's Barbarossa: Army Group Centre. Sadly it's out of print.  

I'm actually thinking of going to the Miniatures Page or elsewhere to see if anyone would be prepared to swop a copy for some painted miniatures armies. I have several 15mm armies which I'm intending to sell - Philistine, Mongol and Seljuk Turk. I'll post photos of them later. 

Could this be a good idea? To swop a minatures army for a boardgame? Maybe. 

And update ... I got a copy via ebay. That's me now got all the GMT Barbarossa games. WW2 East Front games for nutters. Sadly at the moment they only cover the 1941 campaign, but future releases will go to 42 and beyond. 

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