Monday, 1 August 2011

GNW work in progress

Work continues. Now added black to hats and shoes and the chappies are now looking almost complete.  Apologies for the quality of the photo ... I will get better at this bit. 

And other GNW stuff I'm trying to push forward at the same time.  At the front are artillery figures for battalion guns.  The idea here is that a battalion gun base will have 1 artilleryman (blue uniform) and 1 seconded infantryman with a 3 or 4 pdr gun.  In game terms, they will just be another unit, but I wanted to have lots of colour variation.     

At the back are the generals. I wasn't quite sure what to do here to avoid any strict sense of uniforms so I have the chaps in white, red, straw yellow and blue.  The idea is that the general officers are really pleasing themselves what they wear.  And gold lace, lots of gold lace. Anything not covered in lace should probably be covered in more lace.  Initially I used a pale gold, but after looking at one figure I thought, nah! - too pale - needs to be brighter, and so a bright gold was used. The chap in the red will be the grand fromage - or whatever the Danish equivalent should be - le grande bacon, perhaps. 

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