Monday, 1 August 2011

GNW tail-end thought

Last week at the club, two chaps were playing FoGR in 15mm and using Danish vs Austrian/Empire, both armies from around the 1690's.  This is roughly the end date for FoGR, so just before things move fully into the horse and musket era. They used Dixon figures and some other bunch whose name I've forgotten.      

I didn't think I wanted to go 15mm for the GNW, but the mass of figures looked good on the tabletop.  I'm trying not to listen to the voices ... the Claymore show is on in Edinburgh this weekend ... but I'm nearly sold on doing armies in 15mm. 

1 comment:

  1. An interesting period and 15mm does have advantages re space and cost. I bought FOGR when it came out and the first set of army lists but haven't read them I am ashaned to say...

    Whay not get a few units and see how you feel? Saturday is the perfect time to shop- face to face ,lead in hand( figure not counterfeit coin) and trader to talk to!