Sunday, 16 February 2020

Recent activity - old books, Wars of the Roses and some Malifaux

Here is some of my ongoing activity. 

First a couple of vintage books which I was prompted to read. The Spike Milligan book is a recent edition of his classic. 

I think it was painting the Wars of the Roses figures that prompted me to read Donald Featherstone's book again. I don't care if there are more shiny and current publications available, this is still a great little book. 

I'm also borrowing all Spike Milligan's other war books from a friend.  I reckon at least two of them, "Rommer. Gunner Who?" and "Mussolini. His Part in my downfall", are two of the best first hand accounts of British soldiers in world war 2. If you haven't read them, I would urge you to do so if you have an interest in the era.  

And on to game stuff. Some of my Wars of Roses stuff is now looking the part.  

And a couple of home made banners help to make these mounted figures.  

Another little project is Malifaux; a skirmish game that mixes steampunk, wild west, samurai and gothic horror. Though I don't like the horror elements in the game, I do like many of the figures. 

Here, I'm getting around to finishing the Lady Justice crew. These are the original metal figures and the crew is is made up of flame-haired Lady Justice, the Judge in white and three death marshals. I've still to finish off the bases.   

And finally, after a bit of reading about Saxons and Normans, I decided to watch this again. It's a Channel 4 docu-drama from 4-5 years ago. 

 More later ...