Saturday, 14 April 2018

and another ongoing project ... tiger tiger

I got these 1/56 (28mm) German vehicles when I got my British for Bolt Action. I've decided to see if I can get them finished.

I bought these as a painting exercise, not for a game. I'd always intended to sell them once finished. I wanted to use the airbrush to try the two or three colour camouflage that was used from the mid-war onwards.  I also wanted to do the summer scheme, as I've always preferred it to the much darker green and brown used in the winter scheme.  

Anyhow, here's where they were several months ago. Only the Panzer IV had a test of the green camouflage. The colour is German light camouflage green. 

And all three with the green. My thoughts at this point were maybe I should have put thinner lines on the armoured car.  

Now with the red-brown added. I actually used a Vallejo air mud colour for this as I thought the panzer red-brown was still a bit dark.  I deliberately wanted to do much lighter tones on the vehicles, always thinking I could darken them later with paint or a wash if I wanted. The skirts on the Panzer IV are loose and may leave them that way, allowing for them to be used as different variants.  

Not too bad at that point. I did tidy up a couple of overspills. Then I went on to do the tracks with Vallejo dark rubber. This is a nice dark grey, and this and Vallejo back-grey have become two of favourites to use instead of black. I also did the crew figures; two in field grey and one in traditional black (... guess which tank gets the commander in black!). 

And finally a close-up of the crew. I tried to give the armoured car commander figure a yellow trim, to hint at someone clining on to their old cavalry traditions.  The chap in black was given pink trim and collar patches.

Overall, not too bad at this stage.  Next to be painted will be the various tools and cables on the vehicles, the exhausts and more on the treads and wheels.  

More later, 

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