Sunday, 10 December 2017

new project and ongoing stuff

Just when I thought it was safe ... after last weeks game I decided to put together some plastic Saxons that I got from a friend some time ago.  That then led to me ordering 4 boxes of the Gripping Beast plastic Saxons and Vikings.  

Here's the test figures so far.  But the big decision at this point is whether to go for 20mm or 25mm circular bases.  Most of the figures (all headless) are on the 20mm sabot bases from Warbases. At the front is one chap of a plastic 25mm base.  

The 20mm option is attractive, particularly as I have the sabot bases, but I do like the bigger 25mm bases. They are also the same size as those for my Wars of Roses figures for Lion Rampant. Decisions, decisions.  

And ongoing stuff - the Seven Years War Austrians move along slowly. Two infantry units are pretty much finished and will mounted in two ranks later.  

More later ....


  1. Four boxes! Are you planning a WAB army :) Through this was for a skirmish game.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Regarding the base, I use 1p coins. Fits the 20mm sabot and gives a nice weight to the plastic figure which stops them falling over, and gives them that reassuring heft you get with the metal models.
    Also the cheapest base on the market.

  3. Ditto re pennies.
    I look forward to seeing them painted.

  4. Thanks for the comments, gents.

    1p coins are very tempting, though there is a part of me that is reluctant to deface the coin of the realm. I think I'll finish building a few figures and maybe undercoat them and then try some more experiments. And at least the figures come cast with a small base so they would be useable in a game.

    And, and ... 4 boxes is a lot, and I did laugh, but it's one each of Saxons, Vikings, Dark Ages infantry and archers. I hope to get at least two LR forces out of it, and maybe a third.

    Hopefully we can have a bash of Lion Rampant sometime with dark ages figures. I think all you chaps have figures already.