Sunday, 5 February 2017

Napoleonic and Bolt Action British done

I got some British finished. The Napoleonic chaps took a bit of time because of other tasks but it's good to see them done. 

First the Bolt Action vehicles. I redid the bren carrier with army green and it came out OK.

Then a later picture after the bren carrier and Sherman have been given a wash of soft tone. Now they're looking a bit more like what I want. I just have to finish the tracks and do some light weathering. 

The Napoleonic figures are done. Here's a picture of me part way through the basing. The undercoat of khaki has been done and a first drybrush of sand applied to half the bases.

The final top drybrush of cream has been applied and then later the flock.   

And finally the flags.  It's good to reach this point as that's now 11 battalions of infantry I've done. 

Now I'll take at look at the pile of stuff that's waiting in the wings - Napoleonic British artillery, Bolt Action infantry, Lion Rampant stuff, Dystopian Wars stuff and all the horse and musket figures. Just like every other gamer I reckon.  


  1. Looks great. You have been busy over the last weeks; I need to pick up and get some more stuff finished. Bolt Action work in 20mm?

    1. Thanks Ross.
      Yes, BA would work in any scale. It's pretty standard stuff really. All inf in a squad within 1 inch of each other, 6 inch normal move, rifle range 24 inches. Inf squads of 5-10 models and single teams or vehicles. All you'd need for a look-see would be to get the download of the free QR sheet from the BA forum.

  2. Well done for getting these done,they look great, all that work has paid off.

    1. Thanks, Alan.
      It's felt like a long haul to get these last infantry units finished, but I'm pleased with the result.