Tuesday, 27 December 2016

progress on the Napoleonic British

Progress has continued on the British, but slowly due to other games and related side-tracks. But here are some photos.

British infantry. Most of the coats and facing work is done, just the dark grey / black mix for shako's, packs and all that stuff to do. 

And a view from the British commander's side. Packs and shako's still to be done.

The Light Dragoons. Again, nearly done with the dark grey / black mix for the shako's and the white belts to be done.  

This is an early picture of the horses for the light dragoons and the artillery. Just one semi-wash coat over the white undercoat.

A picture of the finished horses, with legs, manes and tails and the furniture done. At this stage I've also given the bases a coat of khaki.  This will followed with a dry brush of sand and a highlight of a cream colour.

The finished horses awaiting the riders. 

And the Light Dragoons, one step nearer getting finished.

And that's it for now. I had hoped to get all these done by the end of the year, but only the light dragoons may make it. More later ...

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