Saturday, 18 October 2014

6mm Normans

Just a small update of what's on the some of the painting trays.  I'm progressing with the 6mm Normans for a friend at the club.  This is the companion army to the Saxons I did a while ago. 

This is a wide shot of some of the cavalry.  My approach here is to use bright colours so they stand out when viewed across the table.  I put a bit of work into the horses with fetlocks, tails, manes and such, just because I want them to look like more than brown blobs.  

A shot of the infantry. Some shields were undercoated white so a top colour would stand out a bit more.  Just behind them are some light cavalry and behind that some Saxon axemen.    

A close up of some other cavalry. Some work still to be done, but I'm happy with the horses.  

Wider shots of more cavalry.  

As with the Saxons, my task is just to paint the figures. My friend will finish off the basing.  

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  1. Interesting. Will be keen to see how these progress.

    Cheers, Ross