Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Great Northern War again

Onwards and upwards.  Facing colours and muskets, faces, shoes and general tidy-up. It was at this point I forgot the Swedish officers had blue stockings so I did a quick white paint over.

Anything to painted metal is undercoated yellow or grey then a gold or steel wash gives the final effect. Also started the sash for the Russian officers and did the proper blue stockings on the Swedish officers.  Almost there.  

And the finished figures. I don't think I'll do a final oil / liquin / white spirit wash with these. Instead I'll just do a matt varnish. 

I've seen pictures where the Russian officer's hat trim has a red stripe and gold lace on the cuffs. I might do these later, but I'm going to stop here for now. Finishing the bases will be next along with adding the second rank chaps.  

Next will be finalising the standards and I've already printed off a batch to use. I've decided to base most of my GNW units on the battle of Poltava. I'll be looking to get a good colour contrast to the uniforms.     

And finally - silly fact of the day - in the GNW there was (and maybe still is) a Swedish regiment called Bjorneborg. I'll have to do them sometime.     

More later on rules and bases and sources.


  1. Moving along very nicely indeed Tom!

  2. Nice to see your project. I had some 20mm GNW based on 40mmx30mm base, each one representing a battalion for V&B half scale. You can see them back in time at my blog:



    1. Thanks Fabrizio,
      I visited your blog after you mentioned it on the V&B Yahoo group. I will visit again. Very nice painted figures and an inspiration for me to do many more colourful units. I also saw you painted Swedish artillery guns in blue. I could not find a source that told a colour, so I think I will follow your lead and paint my Swedish guns blue.

  3. From L.H. Hoglund, A. Sallnass- "The Great Northern War 1700-1721-Colours and Uniforms", Acedia Press, 2000 : "Limbers, ammunition carts, equipment wagons etc. were painted blue (peasant blue?) with metal parts painted yellow. Covers on wagons were blue-colored linen with lettering in yellow for the respective units" (I had not yet the information on the yellow parts when I painted my guns....).

    The book is outstanding, with its companion on Russia and other countries troops, and it deserves to be buyed for anyone with the GNW "itch". However you can feel free to ask me any information you need.



  4. Nice looking figures, great colors!