Sunday, 24 June 2012

Breakout Normandy - 7th June on the 7th June

Time has moved on, but I meant to post this before now. 

This month we started playing my double sized version of the Avalon Hill game, Breakout Normandy. The idea was (and still is) that we play what we can in a club-night, then note where everything is, and then pick it up next time. Four of us want to play for fun and without feeling pushed into finishing as much as we can in one night.  

One of the guys took these photos on 7th June, just as we're about to start the 7th June turn. The photos are slightly fuzzy from a phone-camera, but hopefully give an impression of how it looks. 

And as for the game - the Allies made it ashore in reasonable shape, though Omaha was a bit of a worry. We got through 7th June turn and part of 8th. The next game session picked up and we went through to the overcast 9th June. A couple of nervous moments around Caen, but the Allies have managed to counter the drives of the panzers and are looking good to press forward.  
Next time will be the 10th June and onwards. 

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