Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday night, club night and Command and Colors

I must start posting on what happens at the Perth Wargames club of a Thursday evening.

Last time, I took along Command and Colors Ancients with my big hex map and miniatures. The intention was to use the big map and minis instead of the wooden blocks that come with the game. Here's the box and contents on the big hex map.

Three of us played two games in the evening, both Rome vs Carthage. First up was Ilipa. This is not a photo of the original game but my attempt to show what it looked like. All the views are the starting set up from the Roman side.  

And a closer view of the Roman right. Main Carthage threat here are the hefalumps. 

The view from the Roman centre. Roman latin ala auxilia types facing light intantry, auxilia and warband. 

And the view from the Roman left. Again the hefalumps here are the main threat.   

And how did the games go? Well game 1, Ilipa, was a complete whitewash, gubbing, drubbing and granny for the Romans. I didn't destroy a single enemy unit while my opponent progressively whittled down the Roman army. A complete sconing, with jam and cream and hundreds and thousands scattered on the top!   

In Game 2, we played Zama. A different player on the Carthage side but me again with the Romans to try to improve my performance.

This was a much closer and tightly fought game and it went right to the wire. My oppoent scored some early victories but I pulled level and then ahead till I was one banner away from complete victory. But in a great contest, my opponent pulled back level and for a time both of us were just that one banner away from victory. Then finally my opponent defeated the Roman unit he needed to clinch the win.

Both great games and a great night with both games being completed inside 2 and a half hours.

Next week it will be our first bash with FoG Napoleonics in 25/28mm. One chap was a playtester but the rest of us have never played FoGN before. 

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  1. Good luck with the FoG Naps! Would be good to see some pictures in 28mm's.