Wednesday, 27 July 2011

youtube links

I was prompted to this by links provided by Tradgarland to another blogger to Youtube stuff on the ACW.  Hopefully these links work. 

First up, the Romans.  Ermine Street Guard I think.  But watch for the final scene - pretty scary if this was coming towards you.

And now the final scene from the film Alatriste.  If you have an interest in the 30 years war era, see the film or read the books on Captain Alatriste.
Even without the subtitles the scene is still quite moving.  Near the end of the battle of Rocroi, the French have won and ask the Spanish to give up and march off the field with the banners and weapons, honour intact. 

Alatriste's reply is "This is a Spanish regiment". 

The simple statement speaks volumes, and the implication is the same as the Old Guard some 170 years later - the guard dies, it does not surrender.    In the next scene, the commander orders the veterans to the front and the new troops to the rear.   

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