Friday, 25 November 2022

Rebels and Patriots game at club

As someone who like the Lion Rampant series by Dan Mersey, I'm waiting on the arrival of Xenos Rampant. 

In the meantime, we played Rebels and Patriots at the club. It was scenario B from the rulebook. A friend did the rafts from 3d file prints I provided. 

The situation is that the French defenders have 3 rafts moving down a river, from left to right in picture. French reinforcements will arrive at the right edge. The attacking British approach from the top and bottom table edges.  

The rafts move off and in the first turn there is a collision and some damage. If rafts take too much damage, they sink. 

Native skirmishers approach the river to fire on floudering rafts. 

One raft collides with the bank, just as natives and rangers approach. Another raft has sunk by receiving damage. 

British clash with French reinforcements. 

The rangers about to capture a raft. 

The game ended with a British win. As the game was so quick, we reset the table and swapped sides. In the second game the rafts had a bit of colliding but soon picked up speed and were well down the river before the British could get to the banks to stop them. 

They were two great games and we'll probably play them again. 

Friday, 18 November 2022

Time to post again - painted German paratroopers ww2 for friend at club

Over recent months, I've painted some figures for friends who don't paint figures. Here are some pictures.

I'm happy painting figures and topics that interest me at the time. The deal with friends is that in return they make a donation to charity; a family related charity is fine, otherwise I ask for a donation to a Cancer charity or to Macmillan. I don't specify an amount; I leave it to my friends to decide what my efforts are worth to them.

German Paratroopers for Bolt Action. 


I was a bit daunted in taking on these figures because of the camouflage scheme, but I watched a couple of videos on the YT and it wasn't as difficult as I though. It still took time though.

Here's the process. White undercoat from good old Halfords. Then a thin semi-wash of Miniature Paints sea-green. 

Then the work begins. I started with rhomboid shapes in Vallejo German camo medium brown, then followed up with similar shapes of Camo Light Green. The idea was a very light appearance before a wash of Army Painter Light Tone, just to slightly darken the effect but still leave the camouflage visible. The other idea was to try to make sure no two figures had the same appearance.  

After the camouflage was done, the rest was fairly straighforward WW2 uniform. I followed some guides in that the paratroopers had blue scarves and gas-mask cases, just to hint that the troops were part of the Luftwaffe and not the army.  

Next time more ww2 Germans.  

Saturday, 23 July 2022

28mm British Napoleonic

Not posted in ages, so must make up for it.  

Back in March I did these Perry 28mm British. The intention is that they be used for Muskets & Tomahawks Napoleonic or for Rebels & Patriots. Since March I've done these figures and French opposition and have had games of both M&T and R&P and the club. Both games were fun, though I feel R&P plays much quicker. 

Here is the painting progress. They were done with a mix of layer style painting and Contrast or Speedpaints. For me, I've found that Contrast and/or Speedpaint do really well for flesh, boots and shakos and British backpacks.  

First batch starting to look like what's wanted. I've done them as 12 figure line units or blue, green and yellow facings (the yellow done as the 28th). The rifles will be 6 figure units.  

On to the officer and the rifles. I'm trying to eventually get a good scarlet for the officer's tunic. 

How the rifles look. 

And how the whole lot looks before I do the bases. 

And here is the start of the French.  

I'll post soon on the progress of the French.