Saturday, 8 June 2019

Edinburgh Castle visit

I'm not sure if these pictures may be of interest, but I'll post them anyway.  

Recently a good friend and I went to Edinburgh Castle. She's a fan of Mary Queen of Scots and the visit was prompted by the recent film. 

We approached the castle from the north and went round the rock.  Here are views from below, so you can get an idea what it might have been like in years gone by if anyone wanted to attack.  

A quick view of St Margaret's Well. 

Now round to the north-west side of the rock. The mesh is there to stop any loose stones falling.

A little more to the west.  

And now to the south. Imagine in medieval times if some nobleman order an attack up here.

A quick picture of the Esplanade looking west towards the castle entrance.  

And a picture looking the opposite direction towards Arthur's Seat. 

 Some views from the battlements. First looking north across the river Forth to Fife. 

View to north-east. 

A view to the east from the northern battlements. Here is a rough idea of the northern slope. 

 And a view to the west. 

Inside the castle, this is the entrance to the war memorial.  

And finally a few pictures from the 'half-moon battery' on the north of the castle. I tried to get a couple of pictures of the line of sight.  

And a view of the moat as we left. 

I left out pictures of the royal palace and various rooms, but I hope some of these pictures were of interest to gamers and historians.  

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  1. A great place to visit,thanks for sharing your photos.