Saturday, 12 January 2019

Game activity ongoing

Here's a brief update on recent game activity. Just to show games and painting have not stopped.  

First up, a recent game of Commands and Colors, using a friend's 10mm figures.  He also made these hex mats from railway terrain. This is the battle of Zama as seen from the Carthaginian side of the board. 

Next up is a Commands and Colors Napoleonic game. Same idea with 10mm figures on 3inch hexes. This was the battle of Eggmuhl between French and Austrians.  This is the view from the Austrian side of the field.

And some of my ongoing work with figures. First a test unit of Napoleonic 15/18mm AB British miniatures.  I'm going to test if I want to revisit an old project of the 1815 campaign, but using new figures and selling off all my old figures.

And the alternative is to rebase all my old 2nd generation minifigs. Here is a test basing exercise of unpainted figures.

Another alternative is to sell off my 15mm and move to 10mm.  Here are some 10mm test figures from Pendraken. Painting is slightly different with these. At the back are figures with a black undercoat, and at the front figures with the follow-up dry brush.  I liked the dry-brush idea at this stage as it lets me see what to paint.

And the painted 10mm.  I've tried to use brighter colours for these smaller figures. So the French tunics are a mid blue and the British tunics are carmine red.  The rifles uniforms are a mid green. The intent is the brighter colours are more visible across the tabletop.

And my Seven Years War figures stroll towards getting finished.  This year I want to get enough Austrians and Russians painted to do the battle of Kolin.

A side project is 12mm early WW1 figures from Kallistra.  These French are pretty much completed and I only have to flock the bases. 

More of my gaming activities later ...

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